Saturday, April 07, 2007

Karma time - STINKY BOMBS!

I donno wat I did to my hubby to receive such karma.... twice in a row.

I came home from work last night, yes, I worked Easter Friday, NIGHT some more, without a single extra cent paid. Remind me not to sign the AWA (Australia Workplace Agreement) when my contract ends end of this year. Maybe my boss will like me enough to keep me and not threaten me to sign for another 3. The AWA does not pay penalty rates when we work on public holidays and many other factors that are not beneficial to employees like me.

Anyway, came home, surfed, dilly dally, went to bed. Lift the doona, slid myself into my cosy bed. Then... phwoaa! What was that? A STINK BOMB my hubby released, and unmercifully distributed through the warm layers of the doona. How blardy inconsiderate can that be?! This is not the first time though, but he claims he knew nothing of it. RIGHT.... I am always conscious when I fart, ok. Even if I am sleeping. This action to me, is NOT involuntary.

So I had to flap flap the doona, don't care if I woke him up or not and sprayed tonnes of room air freshener. %#$*%!!%*!!

Then second one, washing day today. Separated the colours and whites, and threw the clothes into the washing machine one by one. DANG ANOTHER STINK BOMB! Usually there are no odours or smell or any rotten eggs, but this particular pair of socks smelt like it was dried together with those salted fish deep in the most remote village in China.



AceOne118 said...

Hahaha! everybody have their weird stuffs wan. You haven't seen mine!! Hop over. kekekeke

Mommy to Chumsy said...

LOL....this is so funny :D