Friday, April 20, 2007

Fuel for brain

This is Aidan's daily supplement now.

I've tried these capsules personally. It can be chewed and the flavoured good oils in the capsule looks like this. Taste? YUCKS! Well, it's sweet, but I can't stand the funny smell. So I doubt Aidan will like it. As I've already bought this, not cheap too, my clever plan is to mix it in his fruit puree. Aidan doesn't eat fresh fruits, except for bananas. But he's okay with these fruit purees.

Alternatively, he likes this version more. This is more daily and the capsules will be every two days or so. Remember I said he doesn't like Efalex? I mix it up with Scott's Emulsion. That's the way to go Mum!

Scott's Emulsion from Malaysia lar of course. Can be bought in Asian grocery stores. Can anyone tell me if Haliborange is still sold in Malaysia? I can't find it anywhere and I rather prefer this to Scott's.


AceOne118 said...

Halo..halo..slow-slow la. Kenot catch up leh. Came in see so many posts liao.!!! wakakakaka

Sweetpea said...

hahaha.... i just confessed didn't 1? you catch up quick lar! i wanna see more posts!