Friday, April 20, 2007

Pathetic housewife?

I told my colleague about my new toy and it just struck me how pathetic it sounded.

Vacuum cleaner? A new toy?

What have become of you SLWC??? Don't you miss those non-stop partying years, those active and passive smoking sessions and places, those 'chai-muis', karaokes, drunken puking times by the drain days, or rather, nights?

Well then, how about not having to worry about laundry, the floor, the beddings, the toilet or what's cooking tonight? Hell, I miss my mum and the weekly aide. Wake up, go, come home, eat, shower, go, come home, sleep. Repeat.

Now, vacuum cleaner. A new toy? Shouldn't it be 'Hey, I've just got this cool new SAAB.' Alright. So I am not that blardy rich. How about this one then? Or perhaps 'Hey, look at this cool new toy of mine.'

From chic to see-lai.

Any regrets? Not at all. If I can choose the way of life again, perhaps there are some points in my earlier years I would, like not giving up my tertiary education. Now *bang head* But now I happen to LOVE not having to stress over sales targets, projects, files and minutes, except the money, maybe. But that comes with those stressful conditions.

I happen to like watching Aidan grow every single day, not missing a bit, yet being able to still work and keep in touch with people from all walks of life. Then maybe I won't miss the cooking and cleaning part. What I don't need is definitely Napisan hands, fondly coined by an ex-colleague of mine, which they do, look older and more wrinkly than other parts of my body.

Pathetic? Not so. But let me book for a manicure session next week. PRONTO!


Jennifer said...

That is okay. I always tell my husband that vacuuming is a hobby. LOL....

If it is in fact a hobby than a new one could be considered a toy.

Sweetpea said...

Well lucky my house is small, I won't complain too much :)

janicepa said...

go go .. treat urself.. pamper urself lah ..

Sweetpea said...

nyeh! i will i wilL!

mott said...

It's funny..but as we age...we find the most boring of presents..the best.


sigh..ok..that was just me trying very hard to comfort both of us.

Sweetpea said...

thanks. but although i donno your real age, i think you are much younger than i am. hence, are u feeling a lot older than i do? hahhaaa..