Thursday, April 26, 2007

Investing for the future

Aidan's savings account is doing nothing much for us.

Monthly interest will only be deposited into the account if there are no withdrawals for that month, which is not much anyway. I need to look into a better option to maximise the savings.

It will be better if I invested the money in forex, foreign exchange services or futures for better returns. Online trading may not be that popular with the older generation due to their lack of knowledge and trust for the computer world, but today we can trade global futures and options and foreign exchanges at home twenty four hours a day.

Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc offers 24 hours customer support and I can either fax, email or even chat with them online. The trade processing is done quickly with efficacy and most importantly, accurately too. They also offer business plan, operations development and marketing solutions.

For me, my goal is very clear cut. I invest the money, they do the work. And best of all, I can get started with as little as only $250, just to 'test the water'. Well, of course I know there are some risk factors in investing, but at Global Futures at least I can get advice from them anytime of the day or night.

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