Thursday, April 26, 2007

Would you like this as your dream house?

I came upon this post in this blog and the house is just awesome! I sure wouldn't mind one like that. Just like our KLCC tower.

Heck, I wouldn't mind any house in fact, as long as it's bigger than our current one :P

And talking about houses, today is Anzac Day, thus a holiday, we went for leisure drive to Berwick and Pakenham. The houses in Berwick are beautiful! Sigh, how I wish we have a house there, just because I like the way the trees are perfectly lined along the long windy road, plus, maybe it's autumn, the colours of the leaves just made the place so picturesque.

We drove to Pakenham and had lunch at another housing area called Lakeside. A great view of the man-made lake while having my latte, Aidan his ham sandwich and Wilkin his chocolate muffin. Today was one good family day outing.... psst! Without my FIL

Not that I mind the good ol' guy, but it's great to have just 'Us' time too.

But, not a good evening for me as I've got to work. Hmmmm.... I guess I shouldn't complain about having a job.

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