Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Real Autumn

Autumn is truly catching up.

I feel cold-er today. I am surprised the good weather lasted this long. And soon we will be wearing our woolly fleecy jackets again. Wilkin complained that he feels cold at night and asked where is our thicker doona. What thicker doona? We have been using the same one for six years and after a couple of dry-cleaning, perhaps it thinned down.

Plus he sleeps next to the window. I may have to go shopping again, maybe I'll get a single bed fleece blanket to add to it. This is what happens if he doesn't want to use the electric blanket. I switch my side on for a while and off when it's time for me to hop in to bed. All toasty and warm. And by the time the electric blanket cool down, I'll be fine. I am the type that generate heat. Wilkin used to say I am more than warm to his touch.

Honeymoon period hug hug to sleep. Now, you stay your side I stay on mine okay? Summer time worse, 'Tan hoi!'

Anyway, it's time to wrap up the fans and dig out the heaters. Six-thirty in the evening and the sky is dark.... SiaN!

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