Monday, April 09, 2007

My favourite Melbourne food

Siwwy Pig has tagged the wrong person for food :P

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We are not the most adventurous people when it comes to food. But I can show you the local junks and bits that will make your mouth water anyway :) Anyway, sorry lor. No pretty pics just simple ones.

I love yum char. I will go early in the afternoon on any given weekdays with Aidan. Yes, just the both of us 'yang toi giok.' He will wallop the whole bowl of century egg and pork porridge by himself and then we have our usuals, such as the beef balls, siew mai, silky tofu and meat, and the occasional egg custards or tau fu fa. Then again sometimes the 'char leong.'
Our favourite haunt? New Royal Garden Palace at the corner of High Street and Blackburn Road. But definitely NO NO yum char on weekends. Too many people and have to book in sessions. I no like being rushed.

Then I love Thai food. Especially their salads. I can drink the marinated juice when all the greens and meat are gone, breathing fire along the way. There is one along the street where I work. Silom Thai at High Street.

Subway - eat fresh. My favourite is Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki plus the lot. Lot for me means the lettuce, tomato, olives, jalapenos, pickles and capsicum. Can find this in any shopping centre and some petrol stations.

The Vietnamese 'pho'. Bestest noodles in the whole wide world! Can get it in any vietnamese restaurants, but our main ones will be in Springvale.

Hungry Jacks - There's no burger like Hungry Jacks

It's true you know. Big portion, nothing like McDonald's two-bites-and-gone Big Mac. Definitely not enough for my hubby. This whopper itself he can whack two at once plus onion rings.

Five already, kan? Then I throw in my favourite snack. I demolished the whole pack at one go right after my confinement period :)

I spent a LLOONNGGG time finishing this tag worr.. coz have to search for pics! I know how susah this can be! So I won't tag anyone lor.. but welcome anyone to do the tag lor.


Nicole Tan said...

well done well done..that char leong looks super yummy..darn where was this post when I went to Melbourne?!!! nvm next stop back to melbourne!

Sweetpea said...

u want great char leong, better still fly to Hong Kong! :P but here not too bad either