Monday, April 09, 2007

What a weekend

Easter wasn't much of a celebration for us, but we took the opporturnity to do something a little different out of the usual on weekends.

Wilkin has been complaining about our bed, saying he gets back ache from it. Me, kinda ok. All I can say we can get a better mattress though. He doesn't like spring mattresses. The one we had was all goose feathers. Something like a futon.

He wanted to go to Ikea on Saturday, and I thought, yeah great, can spend a lazy day there. You know, just walk around, window shopping, have lunch there, no hurries. It seemed to me he had different idea. All in all I can only say, it wasn't the outing I hoped it was, and he was a little impatient with Aidan. Kids will be kids. When he saw something he liked, the slide for example, he wasn't willing to move on.

Anyway, I had to keep up with Aidan's antics and keep my cool with the older one. Much as I like spending time as a family, I'd rather do shopping alone, or handle Aidan alone. At least the poor child doesn't get confused as to what dad and mum want, and usually we want different things. I tried to stay 'light' but so many things happened, my good mood just flew out the window by late noon.

Wilkin got a thin mattress from Ikea. He has been wanting to get one for the past couple of weeks. He only decided that he would get one last Thursday, hence Ikea on Saturday. Now, I have no problem with whatver mattress I sleep on, but it would be nice if he at least asked if it was alright with me. One downer. Much as I love my husband, sometimes he drives me up the wall. Especially his driving and driving etiquette. I've said something about it for a couple of times but he thought he had done nothing wrong, still does. From then on, I kept my mouth shut, and only so often now step on imaginary brakes and has mini cardiac arrest moments. And I do hate him tailgating so so close. Two downers.

Sunday. Woke up with the worst ache ever and not much sleep. Sleeping ala Jackie Chan. Sunday night, too tired by then so I slept okay. Will see how it goes tonight.

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