Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life Insurance for Peace of Mind

Life insurance for me is a must. What other way to secure my family's future in the event of my untimely departure? It's not a taboo subject anymore to discuss in today's world. Just too many things are happening.

A friend of mine who lives in Belvidere was undecided with the idea of buying Life Insurance, but I reminded him that he travels every fortnight to Washington for work. Like I said, anything can happen. What will happen to his wife and two young children? How will his wife cope without him around, as well as taking care of the children's wellbeing and education? I advised that he might as well get one as soon as he can, for the younger he buys, the cheaper the rate. Plus, he is a non-smoker, that makes it easier too.

A couple of weeks later he told me he logged on to New Jersey Life Insurance and got a quote. Apart from Life Insurance Quotes also offers Home, Health and Auto Insurance. He said he might as well get those quotes too, as it is much easier getting everything under one roof.

Good on him!

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