Friday, April 06, 2007

All about me

Try this for yourself I I think it described me perfectly!

Mood - Easy Rider
I am a romantic, *not so lah* sophisticated and love the beauty of wide open spaces. I can be a little nostalgic and love revisiting familiar places and memories. When it comes to art, I’m creative myself, and I believe in self-expression. I can see the little masterpieces in everyday life – I can be a touch sentimental. As for music, I’m a focused listener and always on the look out for something new. My music collection is my treasure. My choice of treat shows I crave relaxation. Maybe I live a pampered life *I did!* – or maybe I’m so busy I don’t seem to get any time to myself. When I’m tense I need a little help to unwind.

Personality – FUN Escape Artist
I love to be far away from my everyday life. I love the sun, and live to live life at a slower pace than most – I know how to take things nice and easy! For kicks I like to indulge – treat myself to whatever I like. After all it is not all the time I live like this. When it comes to holidays, relaxing and spending time with friends and family is what it is all about. I like long lazy sunny days – coming back home rejuvenated. What grosses me out? I like people to be well groomed, with a tight bod and heaps of sex appeal *Arr this one look see only*. Wobbly bits and hairy areas are a complete turn off. *TOTALLY!*

Habits – Junkie Monkey
Living in a material world I am always flashing the plastic *for groceries only lor*. I like to live for today and not get caught up thinking about tomorrow – hey, that would slow my shopping down. Mmmm – caffeine – I love the stability and comfort of routine. Sometimes I need an extra kick to get going. Where would I be without it? As for the home, let’s face it, style is not top of my list – I’m too busy with other things in life *not busy, only no money*. I have a relaxed approach to life and my environment.

Love – Home Soul
I’m a real home soul. I care deeply about family life and all that comes with it, the love of a child very special. When I think of freedom – I think of technology providing me with the links to communicate wherever I am. Opening more doors.

How about you?

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AceOne118 said...

Firstly, PLEASE accept my apology for not doing your tag earlier. I totally forgot all about it until i saw it in your replied comments in your previous post. Then straight away i go do it.

Hop over!! I done your tag ledi although it is late. !!*Wink-Wink*