Saturday, April 14, 2007

Narconon Stone Hawk

One thing about my work is that I see a lot of people from all walks of life. Kids, pimply teens, straights, gays, grumpy, sick, young, old, junkies.

Well, that's how we refer them as anyway. Some are real troublemakers, and some, I am surprised, do not look like it at all. Good manners, clean, well dressed. We do not do the methadone programme, but we have regulars coming in either daily or weekly for their 'weaning off' programmes.

I personally do not quite agree with the concept of fighting drugs using 'drugs'. I want to see those who really want to start a new life to get all the support they can, and not walking in and out from our store alone. I wish they know about some places that can actually help and support them all the way, both mentally and physically.

Some place like Narconon Stone Hawk. The programme focuses on education, behavioral approaches and provides skills to assist its students to make choices for better lives. As an in residential treatment center, the narconon programme is able to provide comprehensive support, using sauna and vitamins and minerals to assist in withdrawals and detoxification. It also encourages its 'students' to attend church meetings of their choice. I do believe that when there is faith, there is focus. Focus in living a better life and hence benefial in the process of healing.

And I do wish those who want to get back on track again to get great support.

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