Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sinking in...

I finally have the time, or rather, plucked up the interest, or courage, to surf the sites for autism, its related Asperger's syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD.

I am overwhelmed with the information. I couldn't think straight whether to accept the fact that Aidan does possess some markers indicated for it. For example, he loved (that was nearly half a year ago) watching the same dvd over and over again, but this didn't mean he concentrated on the show. On the contrary, he was, and still is, easily distracted and has short attention span. Although this is not necessarily a confirmed symptom, it also means it is a serious sign for ADHD. Also, there is no space for negotiation when he wants something. It has to be 'I want it, and I want it NOW.' Any parents out there can relate this?

I am rather torn between accepting assessments and being in denial. One moment, someone can tell me, 'Oh, look, my son didn't talk till he was 4' or 'Let him talk in his own time' or 'Really, I won't be worried if I were you', then someone else will say 'Early intervention is better'.

For peace of mind sake, I will go ahead with the assessments, but it's the result for the peace of mind which I am not looking forward to unfold. He looks every inch a healthy and boisterous full-of-beans child, and if I had been an ignorant mum, or choose to ignore, there is nothing wrong with him. He's just slow to talk, that's all. And he's picking up more words lately. Nothing wrong with him.

But I am not satisfied. I couldn't possibly see another child conversing smoothly with parents and not comparing my Aidan. Why is it when I ask him 'How was school today?' or 'Did you do any painting?' there is no reply, and as if he didn't hear what I just said, chose to say something else.

Bright Tots offer insights and it's a great sight for any parent, not just for knowing about understanding childhood disorders. If any of you mums are interested, there are articles on parenting skills, early childhood behaviors, developmental toys and lots more. I also found that autism can be caused by their vaccinations. Now isn't that interesting? Plus the kind of food they are taking, preferably cassein and whey free, wheat free, meaning gluten-free, hence no more pasta, oat, cereal, cow's milk, to help improve the condition. From now on, I think I'll have to go organic on him.

Just this morning I was still thinking about stuffing the assessments. I still haven't received the results for Aidan's blood test.

But now the next step I'll take is to make an appointment with my GP for a Care Plan referral.

Wish us luck.


Samm said...

Gordon too shows signs of Asperger's. But, he's much better now since he started mingling with kids his own age. Yup, still wont talk yet, but i can see improvement slowly. Go change his diet a bit. I'll go dig around my hard disk. I bought a book by a mom with a kid in the same predicament. Gimme time okay. Have absolutely no idea what the title is. Email me if u hvnt rcvd it in a few days time. I'm very forgetful. You will, if you write like 30 to 50 posts a day, lol.

sweetpea said...

thanks so much for this :) aidan is too, but still i can't help wondering and comparing. and when there are so many mouths telling you different opinions, it's really hard for me to think straight. then again, there's no harm in eating more beans and lentils, apart from the deadly gas 'bomb' he can produce :P

Jennifer said...

I have ADHD. It is bad while you are a kid, but I think it helps me as an adult. I can multi task like no other because it happens naturally. I just get a whole lot going on and my short attention span works on one thing and then another and another and another...all in a very short time.

As a kid is the hardest times, but with love. It should go smooth, so my advise is don't worry. It will work out, just love your baby.

On another note. Einstein didn't talk until he was close to 5 years old. They think he was figuring out the laws of nature before he started talking.

sweetpea said...

thanks jennifer. it really does sound like a plus doesn't it? :) i am hoping he's another little einstein, heh. he is a bright kid, and yes, i guess, he needs lots of guidance and support. no doubt i love him!

thanks again!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hey. Does Aidan just say words and not sentences? How does he express himself to you? Maybe he just needs some time since you said he's picking up more words now. As for Ashley, I also can't help comparing because a lot of kids her age are already talking.

sweetpea said...

3 words sentences the most. he will say only the main word if he needs something. like 'yakult', 'ice cream', goji juice'. will keep u posted on his progress. i know as parents we can't help comparing, but every child has his/her own pace. unfortunately unless it's hereditary, autism can't be picked up from birth and for these cases, i just read that it can happen with various factors, not something that's already 'in' them as i've always thought.