Friday, April 27, 2007

Voice Over Net Age

Huh? Vonage. VoIP. Wha..??

For people like me, who only uses the mobile phone to make and receive calls, that's about the most high-tech thing I have ever own.

Today we have Vonage, a leading provider of broadband telephone services. What does that mean to me? In layman terms, it's a phone, computer and mobile all-in-one, at a fraction of the cost. Say, I am in a noisy place and I have a voicemail. Beauty is, I read it, a service Vonage provide in transcribing the voicemail to text. There is more information at the forum section, so hop over and get the full details.

I think this is a great option for those who travels a lot and have heaps of business calls. Or even just friends who are surfing in that corner of the world and skiing in this part of the country. Whatever the reason, if you have broadband connection, and you makes heaps of call, check out Vonage.

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