Friday, April 27, 2007

Am sick

Wa sick. Headache. Burning eyes. Sore throat.

Day off then? I wish! No such thing. Well it's not that bad, but I do feel uncomfortable. No wonder I was so tired yesterday evening that I had to take a nap, which is quite unheard of at about 5pm.

Going to work later in the evening will be a better option, as I won't be stuck in the house plus lesser chance of passing it on to Aidan. Good thing he is at school right now. And I was peeved at a couple of things when I sent him there.

Parents have been reminded time and time again never to park (45 degree angle parking) right to the curb as there is a zebra crossing by the sidewalk for sending or picking up children. Some are okay, like me *haha*, smart ones who get the drift from the first time the school mentioned it. But some are also stubborn asses who fail to do that and hence we had to walk behind the cars, which is dangerous. How many incidents do we hear in the news that children are squashed when a car is reversing? Heaps. And more to come.

Then there was a break-in at the school on Tuesday night, and money from the Fees Box were taken. I have always liked to pay cash because I think it's convenient for me, but for some reason this school made cash payment a hassle (thanks to it now!) so the next option was to transfer the fees to their bank account and print out a receipt as proof. And sad to say, those who paid cash and the money that was stolen, there is no compensation and fees will still have to be paid. And this term's fee is $290. Well, lucky for me but peeved at the burglars.

Just then I got my third peeving moment. Yet another phone call from Westpac asking for Wilkin. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL THEM TO CALL AT 6PM?! The same calls over and over again every other day, if not everday. You get irritated or not? So I said, 'Don't you have a system where you can leave a comment to call at 6pm?' They said they will do it, STILL..... !! That's it lar *roll sleeves* and typed up a long complaint letter lor. Sometimes sleep syiok syiok and get some idiotic phone calls like this.

And this morning pun, 8.30am the phone rang. Apparently calling from Toronto, Canada, asking for Wilkin and that they have this amazing deal where he got some free stuff. Insisted that I give the mobile number when I said Wilkin's at work. I said no, he said he needs the number to tell Wilkin about the great deal. I said my hubby is not interested, he still insisted. What the....? Hey, thanks but not thanks and have a nice day. *Click* And he sounded like an Indian.

There are dozens of these calls, all sounded like Indians, (sorry, no disrespect here, but I think it may be a call station in India, or perhaps, a telemarketing site employing them, just like Chinese here famous for working for restaurants and Middle Easterns driving the taxis) telling me I've won a great holiday to where and where, or a hotel stay at where and where, or a plasma TV. Read my lips... NOT INTERESTED!


IMMomsDaughter said...

Wai, super cranky ah you? Ha ha....Me toolah. Still got drumming and spinning going in my head but I'm back to work. Wish my boss really appreciate me for this but I bloglah.

U get well soon & have a good rest :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Btw, put in a chatbox in your new templatelah. Like the header but why didn't you resize it? I can help you make one but let me know your header measurement, ok?

Sweetpea said...

wahh... blogging at work. at least u get some pleasure out of it..
the header, i am a little dumdum. was doing that when u commented. howzit now? :) and dowan chatbox coz paiseh, no one put comment in there lor :P

AceOne118 said...

Woah!! leng lui!!!!!! i missed so many post ledi on the road wan leh..slow slow ler! kekeke. Wink-wink*..I where got go thai cock jek? I updated ledi lar. hahaha

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I'm sick too!! Hahaha!! Wow some ppl do openly ask for mobile number. Hahaha! Looks like ur working moments are interesting! Hehehe!

Hey take care yar? I'm down with fever man... not nice at all!!! :o(

Sweetpea said...

aceone - u got go no go oso i donno gejek. but don have to tell me right? *me wink wink back*

nastasshea - eh? all these happened at home leh, not at work. but at work oso i see lots of farny ppl one. u know fever burns more calories? :P good way to lose that few grams.. kakaka. u take care too.

Anonymous said...

sick ? sakit ? get well soon !

Sweetpea said...

immomsdaughter - eh, i sound super cranky meh? now worse lar, my itchy throat losing voice liao.

aceone - i missed the 'leng lui' part. i had to look twice noh! leng soh i oso accept, abuthen u call everyone lenglui pun.

jo - me hope so lor.

eastcoastlife said...

Oh. Get well soon.

Meanwhile, you've been tagged! hehe.... Get well first, then do this. Read my latest post for details.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wei, chat box not only for chattinglah. If cannot get into comment box, at least can alert you mar :0

Sweetpea said...

eastcoastlife - am actually fine already, thanks. think i just got a whiff of it, but voicebox a little affected. tag..oooohh...gimme a little something to do tonite :)

immomsdaughter - hehe, ok. will think about it :P if no one comment, you better spam it!

shooi said... abt so many people getting sick nowadays. Good to hear u are getting well liao.

mott said...

I didn't realise you weren't well!!! You looked quite alright when we met on Sat! Glad we met. REALLY!

;-) Till the next time!

Sweetpea said...

shooi - thanks. only a day anyway. me TOUGH NUT! hahaha

mott - i was ok already that day, only lost a bit of my voice. still, the next day I was all fine again. ya, till the next time!