Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great advertising at your fingertips

Every week or so in the pharmacy we receive dozens of pens from pharmaceutical reps or other small businesses that we deal with, bearing their products' names. And as a pen fanatic myself I will keep one each just because they look so colourful and cool.

I always wonder to myself, where do these companies go to to get these imprinted pens done and if it cost them a lot. Now I know where, and for the price I see, even my miserly boss will approve of it. Well, that depends of what type of pens the company wants. PensRUs have a wide range to suit everyone's taste, from the very cheap but super snazzy to the very executive look Parker pens.

In this case, I can voice my suggestion at the pre-school committee to use this idea as one of their fund-raising events.

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