Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gotta' Get Goals

I got tagged by eastcoastlife on this soul pondering title. Honoured too, because she is an A-list blogger with heaps of readers :P

This meme is to list my five to ten goals, no matter how far-fetched or ridiculous it may sound, and of course, realistic ones, and tag other fellow bloggers to do some much needed prioritizing in their lives. If you need more details or more read about personal development, go to the creator's website at Alex

My goals are :

1. To keep this family as happy and close-together, sharing the ups and downs as one.

2. Since I love being a dispensary tech so much, I would love to study to become a pharmacist. Might as well get a better pay for doing part of the same job.

3. To bring Aidan and my family together more often, especially my mother, rather than the once a year affair.

4. That said, to spend Chinese New Year with all my family and friends in Malaysia. I haven't had a CNY celebration with them for the past 6-7 years now.

5. To keep as fit as a fiddle and be a yummy mummy, not a frumpy one.

6. To travel to the places I love to go, namely Tuscany, (I just realized so many bloggers love going there too! Maybe we can hold a bloggers' get-together there or something) New Zealand and Tanzania where I can visit my sponsored daughter Ezeleda from World Vision.

7. And for personal indulgence, I would love a make-over from head to toe and have an album done by a professional photographer.

8. To be able to dance like a pro, something like Dancing With The Stars.

So there... now I tag:

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eastcoastlife said...

You lovely sweetpea!
thanks for doing my meme.
Nice one.
Best wishes for your dreams come true.

Sweetpea said...

thanks and definitely same to yours too!

Simple American said...

Will get to work on this meme soon. :)

Sweetpea said...

thanks so much!