Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anyone as wuliao as I am?

It's Saturday night at 11.18pm.

Ten years ago I would have just gone out, or still waiting for my friend to pick me up to the hottest joints in Ipoh. Blame it on my temporary memory loss (see my below post on peri-menopause?) I can only remember the name Yahoo and Y2K. I clearly remember the other bars alright, just not their names. Or maybe it's late for me now :P

Oh yeah, the discotheque called Discovery where you 'fing tau'. (head banging)

Last year when I mentioned Yahoo, my friend shoosh-ed me and shut me up immediately, telling me not to be so 'san bah' (back dated, old-fashion). It's now a happy home for some well-known chain mamak store I think? If I wasn't drinking and getting drunk then I'll be at one of those many coffee places then, enjoying either latte or my Earl Grey tea. Think Antap.

Anyway, yeah. Those were the days. Now when I go back in November all I can think of and plan is places for food, and children friendly..... Mary Browns! Kakakakaaaaa..... That's for Aidan ler, for myself I have my fave haunts.

1. Canning Garden corner shop beside Arif Store for hor-hee
2. Ipoh Garden 'Sungei Wang' for the pork 'lou-shi-fun'
3. Ipoh Garden South corner shop for ham jin biang!
4. Gunung Rapat for char-koay-teow and assam laksa (plus the heoh biah!)
5. Pasir Puteh for Bak Kut Teh!!
6. Bercham for the crab 'toong fun'
7. Mum loves dragging me to Gopeng for the hot chicken porridge on a hot day in a hot car.

Whoa!! Think also I drooling liao.

Now I have to go ransack the kitchen for ............. a bar of Snickers :(


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Eh, 10 years ago got Y2K and Yahoo? I thought they opened just a few years ago?? Must ask WP :D You are making me drool with all those food places. Dunno where is Ipoh Gdn Sg Wang though :) Don't like food in Wooley's?

AceOne118 said...

Aiseyman! At this hour you talk about food pulak. Me drooling liao.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

*BURP* I just ate a big piece of left over cake from Mother's Day.

Waaa you can really eat! Yumm yumm crabs.... yummmmyyy....

Sweetpea said...

WH - wat do u think? I left m'sia for 7 years already leh.. u lagi 'san bah'! hahahhaaaaa...!! Sg. Wang is not at woolley's. WP brought me there, you should ask her to take u there next time :P

Aceone - me not better than you are. i only found a bar of snickers :(

nesh - if u expect something from one ipoh girl, expect her tastebuds to be REAL good :)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hey hey!! Check this out!

See how you like it! I just whipped out a quick one. Hheehe! Blogger so strick ler...cannot really put much compare to blogdrive.

blur_mommy said...

wah... I also drooling!! The crab "toong fun" sounds especially good!!! : p

Jacelyn Chew said...

if u are thinking of any help on directions, u can always ask me for help when u come back......

Sweetpea said...

nesh. good one! but the boy in helmet not my son leh :P also can i change the header pic arr? can u email me so i can email you? :P

blur_mommy - that one is fantalicious! did i mention it's claypot?

jacelyn - forgive this forgetful woman (ME!) izzit help for food direction? ya ya! i want good food!

janicepa said...

now fing tao is shuttle 8 liao ..
Y2k still sitting there lah ..
yahoo.. hm.. dunno wor..

those food !.. i wonder i've been to which .. look like none of it !.. hahaha.. *paiseh*

Sweetpea said...

shuttle 8 long time liao. i know that one :) oh Y2K still there arr? that i donno :P and oh yah.. the foodstall under the big big tree near Tuck Kee restaurant. laksa and noodles.. yummy too!

bokjae said...

Hey, small world, I'm from Ipoh too! Left many many years ago around 67!
Never heard of those places!

Sweetpea said...

67! i wasn't even born yet! hehe. you should visit ipoh again and try out these food :) yumm!

Simple American said...

Can I snip your list for when I go to Ipoh? Wanna go there someday. Whenever I invade Malaysia. :)

Sweetpea said...

haha! let me know when you'll be invading. i'll get my sister to show u the good food!