Saturday, May 19, 2007

Peri-Menopause for Me?

I am hitting the big FOUR-ZERO soon.

They say the average age for menopause is 52. It may commonly happen anytime between the ages of 42 and 56. I can't rely on the timing of menstruation as I am using an implant. But after reading the site Menopause AtoZ I am flabbergasted realizing I have some peri-menopausal symptoms like dry eyes, which irritate the hell out of me especially when I wear my contact lenses.

And hear me shout Oh-My-Gosh! when I read about hair loss! That's exactly me! This is scary. Blaming old age and motherhood, I have other symptoms such as short-term memory problem, joint pain, itchy skin and irritability. Now I am terrified! Maybe I should count myself lucky I haven't got menopause night sweats, yet.

Menopause AtoZ provides much needed information and I am glad that I got to know these symptoms early. It also provides articles on getting relief from natural and alternative remedies such as taking chinese herbs and evening primrose oil. And oh, solution to my hair loss.

I've got to stock up on soy milk and some pills now.

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Cheryl Leong said...

Hi, I love the song in your blog. Can you tell me where I can get? In KL, cannot find her album at all :s So sad. I like her songs when she is still a little girl

AceOne118 said...

Alamak! How am i going to do this PPP post? Pengsan!

Sweetpea said...

cheryl - i have this song in the pc long time, so i can't really help you find the album :P can u try downloading it from the net, or gimme your email add. i'll try sending it through this imeem site where i uploaded this song :)

aceone - go thai cock and change sex! wwaakakakakkaaaa!!

Simple American said...

You could drink a lot of water. I mean lots.

You know you have to be careful reading symptons. I remember reading internal bleeding symptons and I could have sworn I had it. No joking, but I was around 13 YO then too. :P

Sweetpea said...

SA - u're right there. i don't drink enough water. i always plan to drink warm water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon to detox too, but a thought remained a thought :P