Friday, May 18, 2007

The Rainbow Connection - just for you Nesh

Nesh, that little girl is not a little girl anymore. She's this woman today:

She's got a BBEEAAUUTTIIFFUULL voice, and that got her many international awards and possibly the best leading actress in the legendary musical Miss Saigon has ever had. I watched it when I was in Hong Kong, but it wasn't her as the leading female singer though.

The musical is currently here in Melbourne, and I was just commenting to my husband (who seems 'kayu' and forgetting everything) that I would like to watch it. I didn't say 'again' as I actually wanted to see his reaction :P Right on cue, he said 'But you've already watched that.' Hah, I was happy he remembered, but maybe not so because I think he remembered because it was a torture for him. I had to pull him along in Hong Kong as I knew no one there then.

Lea Salonga is 36 years old now. The song you are listening to, as you can guess, was recorded years ago.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the actual musical:

Miss Saigon Excerpt
Sun and Moon (this is staged at an interview)

and her wedding where she sang this song. Touching, and they've got a funny priest :

Two Words



Simple American said...

I have the Miss Saigon soundtrack on my iPod. Have not seen this one before, but I want to so badly. And why not seen again. I have seen The Phantom of the Opera twice and look forward to a third. Good shows are made to be enjoyed over and over.

Sweetpea said...

SA - when you do, bring a pack of Kleenex. am not sure how tough you are, but it will make anyone cry. i'm not joking! and yeah, am looking forward to the phantom in august :)