Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bidding for great prizes the unique way sure has an interesting and unique way of bidding for great prizes such as the BMW 3 Series, plasma TV or the Apple iPhone, not to mention many more great ones.

The way to bid for it is just simple. Bid your lowest price, and if you are the unique one, as in no other person bids the same amount as you do, you may just be the winner. You can get the full details at the bid4prizes website.

I would love to win the Sony VAIO VGN-FE590. Then I won't have to fight with Wilkin over the pc. Then I can go anywhere and blog anywhere. Wouldn't that be great!

Each time I bid, I get a token to play in the arcade. And if I don't win any prizes at the arcade, I get player points where I can accumulate and redeem for gifts like designer clothes, handbags, accesories and other great stuff at their Rewards Store.

Sounds interesting? It's simple to play. Just enter your cell phone number, confirm your PIN and lastly, begin the bidding and let the game roll. Good luck!

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