Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free BlackBerry!

When I say BlackBerry I don't mean the fruit.

THE BlackBerry I mean is the phone that integrates the basic mobile phone features with your email accounts, allowing you to open and edit attachments in Words, Excel and PowerPoint. You can surf the internet or even read an e-book that you can purchase. Amazing technology.

And here comes the interesting part. You can get a BlackBerry Pearl for FREE at! It is one of their featured deals at the moment, with no rebates required. Or if you prefer another type of cell phone, such as a Motorola RAZR, that is possible too.

I know it's probably not something a girl will choose, but I personally like the LG Chocolate slider music phone. It's a phone that can play either downloaded VCAST Music or computer transferred music files and wirelessly stream music to a stereo bluetooth headset. Cool eh? This can be given free too, depending on the deal.

Wirefly has established itself as the Internet's Number One seller of cell phones and wireless plans, therefore the company will confidently guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee where if you don't like the phone, they will exchange it with another model or Wirefly will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Their free cell phone deals are great and you can save up to 40% with the Wireless Wizard, where you just type in your typical monthly usage, and then view the matching plans. Shopping resources are also provided by the site for you to decide what kind of features and plans that is suitable for you. Although you may get a phone for free, but it is a precious little thing to you, and you will not want it to be stolen, lost or damaged. In such an incident, you may lose your important information, but at least you are spared the hassle and high costs for replacing one.

Wirefly offers Device Protection Service insurance for a small investment, providing you a peace of mind.

So, great phone plans and deals? One word. Wirefly.

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