Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why is the rum gone?

Eerrmmm..... all gone to the ice-cream factory to make rum and raisin ice-cream? One of my fave man.

Other than that, me no quite like rum. Not in eggnogs, or howuspellit. Abuthen, if I get to that level of 'high'ness GIMME ANYTHING! Doesn't matter, it will all end up in the drain or toilet bowl anyway. Kakakaaa......

But, to share it with Captain Jack Sparrow..... ahhhhhh....! Sighhhhhh.......... Nevermind if he's got black and rotten teeth. Nevermind he has never taken his bath in weeks. Just let me share the rum with Jack under the starry sky in front of the bonfire on a remote island.

Jack, Jack.... Jack..... Dawson!

ALAMAK!! Apasai wake up with Titanic pulak??!!

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