Thursday, May 24, 2007

Number 10!

If you follow my post on 10 Ways How My Hubby Annoys Me you would have noticed I only listed nine. I am surprised no one commented except Criz, A GUY, noticed it.

He asked 'Where's the 10th?'

I can blardy tell everyone now! Yesterday I said to Wilkin please place the folded bedsheet into the cupboard, as I cannot reach the top. I could have easily taken a stool from the kitchen to do that, but I thought have to make use of hubby sometimes too, right? :P I placed the sheets at the end our bed, it's just beside the cupboard.

By the time I went to bed at 2am, I saw the sheets on the floor. NMPD. Not only he conveniently forgot, he kicked them off the bed.

Fine, today when he came home from work, before I left for mine, I reminded him again. This time I left them on the shelf just beside the cupboard. Can't miss it if we walk into the room.


You see red or not??!! So number 10 is Never Follow Instructions. Simple ones at that! YYyeerrr!!

*Lesson learnt - Want to get things done? Do it myself. Save my time from getting annoyed too.


Mike said...

When I tell my 4-year old to keep his toys, he asks me, "Can you help me?"

I say OK.

I keep. He watches.

"I thought I was only helping you?" I ask. "Why are you not helping me?"

My 4-year old looks at me.

"Daddy," he says, "I am helping you. You're keeping. I'm supervising."



Vien said...

My hub is like that too. I share your "pain"..

miche said...

yes. men dont follow instruction.

btw, i still owe you this tag lar!!!

if kinda hard for me to do as i forget easily his wrong. :P

Peng said...

i can understand. just like mine. i asked him to keep our luggage bag and he told me there's a ladder right????!!$$%$

khai khee said...

same same here. mine aso conviniently forget it everytime i ask him to do something.. MEN!!!

Sweetpea said...

mike - haha. he is one smarty pants alright! do u do that to your wife though? :P

and all you women, i guess we can take comfort in knowing it's not just our hubbies, but it's the man in them, huh?

+Ren said...


Sweetpea said...

ya, great tactics of men!