Thursday, May 24, 2007

Motivator for Self-developmental improvement

How do you judge yourself? What don't you like about what's in your life? Or perhaps what good changes have you made to your life that you want to keep?

I am a person with a quick temper. I am a junkie, a junk food addict, that is. I slouch a lot. I spend too much on unnecessary things. I don't eat enough fruits. So how do I overcome these bad habits? Wouldn't it be good to have someone reminding me everyday, but not in a nagging way?

A motivation software simply called Motivator is now available online. All I need to do is just to install the software into my computer and provide it with a series of messages that help me remember my goals, such as:

  • Count to ten, take a deep breath
  • Ah, ah, ah! No junk food here please!
  • Sit up straight, you slouch.
  • Save your money for rainy days
  • Have you eaten your apple today?

Something like that. Then Motivator will remind me of these goals at set intervals. In time, these goals will be in my mind and I will be having these new habits. Now I bet everyone has something that they will like to change. DO IT NOW!

Here's the great part. Download the software FOR FREE! You heard me right. It's free download at

Join their newsletter and you may get freebies too. So there you are. Am giving you a free tip for great self-motivation improvement. At least visit the site and see for yourself.

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