Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hey Sis! Look what we've got for ya!

Great eh?

This George Foreman grill is much better leh! Much bigger! Can grill six pieces of steaks at least and got a timer too with a floating hinge for even cooking.

You better likey!


+Ren said...

dad's super into the one u gave us... i still have grilled wild boar in the fridge!

Sweetpea said...

then he'll love this one even more!

mama bok said...

See .. !! i came by..!! i mixed your blog up with Precious Pea.. that's the reason why .. i didn't come visit last nite.. ! sorry yah..!! i corrected it.. and will read more today at work.. ;) And thanks for dropping by my humble blog.. ;)

Sweetpea said...

hahaha... my cry tactic worked! :P hahaha... thanks :)