Friday, May 25, 2007

The Gweat Pwetender

But cannot fool his mummy. See him smiling? Cheeky monkey!

His favourite word at the very moment is 'Donwan nah.' We have got two FIRST EVERS today.

Wilkin goes to work late on Thursdays. Aidan was up very early, but with his dad around this morning (taking a break from the gym as he's got the flu) he gave me peace and quiet till 9am. Not really quiet, I can hear him running here and there. We have floorboards.

Wilkin just switched on the pc when I came out from the room, and I told him not to let Aidan play Starfall as I know he will be stuck to it. But it was his 'swimming day.' He LOVES swimming. Somehow Aidan managed to bodek his Dada and got the pc all to himself. I said to him we'll be going off for swimming soon, and his first FIRST EVER today is 'Donwan nah.' What? Did I hear right? No swimming? I think he was torn between these two loves, but a bird in his hand is better than the bird in the tree, right? Anyway, I managed to get him changed and we rushed off.

Second FIRST EVER is his first complete drawing. Nothing complex, but nevertheless pleased me immensely.

This little bubba of mine.....*contented sigh* My best time with him of the day? When I tuck him to bed and ask him to sing a song for me. He'll either sing ABC or Twinkle twinkle, and I'll end it with Barney's I Love You. I'll look at him, smelling him (don't you just LOVE that smell of your child), kissing him, and he'll look at me, playing with my hair.

***Infinite contented sigh***

*Psst! I'm cold, in my fleecy nightcoat, indispensable wheatpack on my lap, eating Cornetto. Explain that! Kakakakaaa...!!


blur_mommy said...

Awww.... that is such a sweet pic!!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Aaawww so sweet the fake-sleepy look! Hehehe!! He rejected swimming time!! Wow!! PC can really absorb everyone's interest! Hahaha! Train him up to be the future TOP EARNING BLOGGER and make Momma Sweet Pea and Aunty Nesh proud! Hehehe!

Jinna said...

Aidan looks so much like you in this pic (with that kind of smile like yours ....:P)

Sweetpea said...

blur_mommy - a good pic seldom come by :)

nesh - i wish i wish! i am waiting!

jinna - everyone says he looks like his dad lor :P i smile so sweet meh? thanks :P