Thursday, May 10, 2007

Protecting your data

Being a no brainer on computer systems, I see computer viruses as irritating and harmful bugs.

Not even only that, I read in the Software Security Solutions website that hackers can actually go through the firewall by 'riding along' with your a trusted application, which is not much of a comforting information, really. Something like someone sneaking in right behind you at the security door.

Wilkin has his part-time business right here on this pc, and it's difficult to imagine how it is like if all important data can be assessed by a total stranger. Security Software is something we cannot afford to overlook. It is a hassle to install programmes such as Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Firewalls and Exploits individually, so LinkScanner has been developed to ease the mind, and to surf the internet with confidence.

He will be pleased to know when I tell him the price of only $29.95 for the software, he will be protecting so much more.

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