Thursday, May 10, 2007

My new toy works wonders

I had been lazy.

Coz lazybones have been sitting in its throne and doing nothing. As if this is something new.

But yesterday hor, funny lazybones decided to give up its 'wong wai' for a day and ordered me into a cleaning frenzy. So I took out my new toy and officially played with it for the first time. Never disappointed me leh. I only have two small carpeted rooms. Fooiyooh! You should have seen the amount of dirt and lint it picked up. That goes to show how unworthy and useless the old vac is. Now I look at my rooms 'song song.'

But the cleaning frenzy continued at work. I cleared up the store room. I think it will stay that way forrr.......... two days, the most. I donno lar. Everything that comes into the store, they campak there, any credits, campak there, any unused decos, campak there. Good also if they campak some $5 notes, $10 notes ker.... then the place will be squeaky clean.

By the end of the night, I was all ready to sleep, but came home to my love, by the way you are staring at IT, and pakto till 2.30 am. I told you I am addicted :P

*campak - throw

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