Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Bau Tai'!!

My loukong came back from work earlier today and told me he split his pants! Muaaahahahahaa!

On Will's graduation day he already said he couldn't fit into his occasionally worn pant suit. But this pair has been alright all these times. I asked if it was noticeable, and he said luckily not, as the split was quite at the bottom, and also he wasn't wearing a bright coloured undies.

Although he is a gym freak, I guess age is catching up. However much cardio he does, the tender love handle seems to be there. Then again, he hardly gets to do a full-on workout as he has to rush home to take over the fun with Aidan for me. Back in Hong Kong we will spend two hours in the gym room at least three times weekly after work.

Oh well, I don't think he's very pleased, but I did remind him he's very fit for his age. I hope that will boost his ego a little :)


Sasha said...

Oh No. Hahaha u must be laffing like mad after he told u?

My hubby came back once and asked me..faster faster help me.. And he took out his pants and he said OUCH OUCH, he used staplers to hold his pants together. heheheh

G said...

haha, same thing happened to my hubs a few years ago too :P wah u must be ultra slim and fit! ur hubs so good boy, rush home to take over the role of caring for aidan.

Sweetpea said...

hahhaaha.. yours even farnier!! staples! your loukong must be mcgyver, and has been punished to be standing all day! kakakaka!!

Sweetpea said...

g - good boy or not, he has no choice. coz i've got to rush off to work. unless he gives me pocket money :P

Vien said... i wish my lou kong's pants will bou tai too..but it will never happen..cos he prefers his pants loose.

Sweetpea said...

vien - aparah, where got peepel wish pants bau tai one?!

mott said...

ok gals...

I've seen her hubby.

He's buffed. And well-toned!

I don't know ...maybe his err..buttocks have muscled up???


Sweetpea said...

thanks for the compliment mott. but no, his butt is flat, don't see him walking like Donald Duck :P