Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Putting words to action

Aidan said sorry voluntarily yesterday.

He took out the bottle of Goji juice from the fridge and showed it to me, together with the little plastic cup he drinks from. I told him no as we were going to have lunch, and that he can have that after our meal.

He somehow got busy in the kitchen while I was setting up our little table. He's done that a lot of times, helping himself to a full 60mls cup of Goji juice, when I only give him 30mls. I sounded him, and I guess he must have panicked a little and spilled a little. Annoyed, I raised my voice a little, complaining (to myself) that he never listens to mummy. He knew I was a little angry, and he got upset, started pouting and his eyes got a little watery. Then he said 'Sorry mummy' in a shaky little voice.


This is the FIRST time that he said it himself! I had taught him to say sorry many times before, and everytime he had to be prompted. Trying not to show how excited I was, I said it was okay and asked him to give me a hug. By doing that, he knew I wasn't angry anymore and poofff! Gone were the teary eyes and pouty lips.

Phwoaa, and I wasn't annoyed anymore lar, needless to say.

Today we went to the speech pathologist for the second session. Hop over here for full report.

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