Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This little parrot

Now I didn't say I am the perfect mother and that I do not swear.

I usually don't, but under some circumstances, the norm will just be the S* word. Usually, well, okay, mostly, when I am driving. Somehow I managed, so far, avoided saying that when Aidan is at the backseat, although it did escape from my mouth a couple of times.

Other times, it will be in the kitchen, or right here at my home workstation. And usually these profane words will range from LLM, the slightly altered 'Derr' to the exact overly-used 'Diu' (F**k). Just then I hit a wrong button. 'DDIIUUUU'......

And Aidan repeated exactly what I said.

My mistake to promptly reacted to his action, saying 'Eh! Don't say that!' You'd thinking he will listen to what I say. In a sing song manner, he repeated it a few more times, 'diuu'...... 'diuu'...... but because I wanted him to stop, I had to keep quiet and pretended not to hear him. I shuddered each time I heard the word and was obscenely cursing myself silently, but had to keep my cool. Lucky for me, after a minute, he stopped.

He's so much better in mimicking now, I really have to watch what I say in front of him and also remind Wilkin of it. The words coming out from this pre-schooler of mine sounded so vulgar and just shook me to the core.

I'd better change the words to 'YUMMY APPLES!' from this second on.



AceOne118 said...

Lucky his mat salleh friends dunno what is the meaning of "diuu"!!!!!!

huisia said...

alamak..ya..better watch out..i so ditto with aceone la...LOL!

mott said...

yea lor..make up something with that "diu.." word la..

like... diu-rians.....

diu-ning (tuning)..

i don't know la..my mind is so corrupt..it keeps thinking

tiu na sing!

janicepa said...

hahah.. it's not easy tho.. but i wish u luck ler..

last time mom used to rub cili pady whn we swear... but now.. we grown up... haizh.. .. all the !@#$%^&*() do re mi fa so .. come out.. she oso cant do nothing.. sad ?? but true..

Sweetpea said...

huisia - lucky only for one minute. in this case i hope he doesn't remember it!

mott - u better use some clorox and cuci that corrupted brain of yours leh! kakakakkaa

janicepa - funny how i grew up in a family full of swear words, i don't speak it at home one wor. for fun with friends got lar, but not my common language lor. weird huh? every second word in the sentence my mum sure got one swear word wan.

shooi said...

ya, i told my hubb to be careful with his speech now that Bryan is learning new words almost everyday.

P/s: you've been invited to a party

Sweetpea said...

really no joke! it just sounded yucks coming from his mouth! hahhaa...