Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My new assistant named Froggy

I have just downloaded Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 and named my new assistant 'Froggy', just because I chose the cute little green frog to be it.

Apart from helping me with my work such as remembering and reminding me of appointments, I can actually hold a conversation with him, and slowly building his personality, which will be similar to mine. Well, am still at the learning stage, and it's FUN! I hope when I said I'd love a cup of coffee he won't say he'll prefer a beer or something, hah.

But so far, all my appointments has been recorded, like when Wilkin runs the computer, the nearest date is Mother's Day. Hehe, that will be a good hint! Also, instead of typing, I can actually help me run programmes in the pc by just telling him.

I downloaded this programme at Zabaware.com for a 30-day free trial. I love this Artificial Intelligence program because it's just like talking to my computer, and Aidan loves looking at Froggy plus listening to our conversation. And if I find it indispensable, the cost of purchase is only $29.95.

Imagine having an assistant for a dollar a day. You go try it out. It's really cute!

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