Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spoilt for choice at Active Sandals

Summer is gone and so is my pair of sandals.

I got this pair while I was back in Ipoh last year, and have been wearing it to the beach and to the pool. Obviously I get what I pay for. It's so cheap, it lasted only a few months. Funny how things are when something is going, going, gone, so does some other related ones. For example, when my facial cleanser is almost finished, so will my face cream.

Back to the shoes, I need a decent pair of closed toes slip-on as well. My pair of sneakers has seen better days, I will need to lay it to rest.

I found this site Active Sandals to my liking and to have Yahoo!'s 5 stars out of 5 as Top Rated Yahoo! Store, am pretty sure it can't be bad, right? Here I am, surfed the pages, and actually found something I like. The women's Reef Sandals, this one called The Slap, is very sportish looking while displaying a very soft and feminine colour.

While I love wearing my boots during winter, it is sometimes a hassle when I am in a hurry. Yes! That few seconds matters! And I hate tie-string shoes. So here I found two pairs which I like, for casual and I can even wear it to work. I like their Danskos Professional's clean cut look, but the Keen's Zermatt sounds more practical as it is fleeced lined on the upper keeps my toesies warm.

Choices, choices, choices. Wish me luck.

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