Monday, May 21, 2007

Super P***ed!!

I am super pissed off with Wilkin at the moment.

I told him about the post on menopause, and mentioned jokingly that I may have some peri-menopausal signs. He put it down to one sentence 'Lack of exercise.'

Him : You don't exercise enough, that's why.

Me : I don't see what exercise has got to do with menopause. Every woman gets it, sooner or later.

Him : Can you ask if there is any way or any supplements to delay the menopause?

Me : I donno, but if the time comes, the time comes. Can't be controlled.

Him : But if you exercise more, and you are healthier, then you won't have these kind of symptoms.

Me : Nah, hair loss has nothing to do with it?

Him : Yeah ok, not hair loss then, other symptoms maybe? Do you know how important exercise is? It's part of our lives, just like food and water. Everyone knows fruit is good. You don't eat enough fruits.

Me : So you're saying exercise is miracle, can prevent all?

Him : No, don't put words in my mouth. I am saying exercise is important. (Don't forget he's a gym freak) Look at your mum, she doesn't stand straight.

Me : That's because she had an operation and half of one of her disc had to be cut off. What are you on about?

Him : If she had exercised more....

Me : That's got nothing to do with it. It's a condition. Even if I agree with you...

Him : Even if you say you agree with me, you don't.

Damn friggin' right! To me, I think he thinks exercise is a cure all. Or perhaps delay all.

Him : We have to stay well and healthy for his (Aidan) sake. It's our job, our duty to stay well for him.

Me : - ZIP MOUTH- This point on, I've got a ton of gold in my mouth. Won't open.
Note too that even though I am typing in kind of like monotone, we were much louder than this. Aidan was all the while at the backseat. Sigh, I know it's bad, but at least we weren't shouting at each other.

Of course we have to stay healthy. No one wants to get sick. And in my opinion, I stay healthy for my own sake. No one else. And if I am healthy, I can take care of the others. Full stop. Don't give me the crap of staying healthy for someone else. Even if he's Aidan. I don't want to be sick. I don't ask to be sick. Please give me a healthy mind and a healthy body. And if I do fall ill, I didn't ask for it.

I understand where he's coming from. I understand he means well. I understand him saying that if I exercise, then I will be healthier and won't get sick that often.

But not everyone likes the same thing as he does. I am not him. My mum is not him. I may like the gym, but I do not go there everyday! Not that I go now, but yeah... I exercise in other ways. House chores, walking around the pharmacy 5 hours nonstop a day for 4 days a week, moving stocks, playing with Aidan in the park, chasing after him, shopping (hehe). It's not like I am a potato couch.

SO yeah...... I shut up. No point debating with him. He doesn't understand the mental responsibilities I have for the home, for our meals, for everything in the house, for work, for dealing with teachers and other parents, doctors.

Arrgghhh!! He drives me nuts!


I Blardy give up!

*Ps. The conversation doesn't sound this innocent actually. We can't discuss things as friends. Whenever we do a discussion, he has this kind of tone of 'I-know-what-I-am-talking-about' and not a discussion tone. That's what I hate about it.


AceOne118 said...

Hmmm..I'm staying out of this topic. hehehe

Sweetpea said...

heh. smart fella.

janicepa said...

hm.. Men are lidat lor.. so just wait patiently for a time to "jar" him lah .. just WAIT !!... wat comes around goes around !..

Sweetpea said...

hehe.. ya 'jar' till he cries in pain! kakakaaa

Bernard said...

Aiks.. not becos of men la.. just his view of the workings of our physiology.

Women might think that way too.

*getting ready for the bricks*

BTW, love the slow dance collection on the second finetunes. :-)

*hopefully that might block some of the bricks*

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahaha! Men! Oh dear how do I even explain the facsination of men trying to understand mentrual and menopause!

Once advice for men: If you want to understand, then LISTEN & UNDERSTAND! If you think you can understand these better than women, then STAY AWAY FROM THIS ISSUE (cause you don't understand the things we women go through!)

Period! Hehehe!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I'm having Monday Blues, better not comment too much *Hrrrmmmmph*

Sweetpea said...

doc - harharhar, you are SO farnay!

nesh - weih! u more garang than i am wor!

immoms - back to work only wat..hehe. hope not menopausal symptom eh? hehehe

+Ren said...

*nods.... sometimes men and their egos are an amazing pain in butt... Bleh

Simple American said...

*opens hatch*

*peeks in*

*close hatch*


What age can menopause start? Don't know.

Sweetpea said...

hehe.. all women agrees but the wise men keep quiet :)