Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Use your credit card wisely

There are too many marketing niche for credit cards today.

Wherever I go there seem to be a booth in the shopping mall inviting shoppers to apply for a credit card. I even receive invitations in my mail for a Gold Card. So just how good is having one?

Personally, I think credit cards are great. My card gets me through expensive things. Lately we have to spend quite some amount on Aidan's visits to the specialists. For my bank account, I cannot go under a certain limit or I will be charged. Therefore my Virgin card takes care of the bills until my next pay. I was using another card before this, and I had to pay annual fee for mine and Wilkin's sub card. The limit was low for our combined cards and even with the points earned for redemption of gifts, it doesn't match up with what we have to pay for the annual fee.

So I stuffed it and switched to Virgin, which has no annual fee, ever. Although it doesn't have points accumulation system, they offer Mates Rates where we can get instant discounts and offers in participating stores. The limit we got was four times higher than the previous one, which we so often get charged for spending over the limit, and that was a nuisance. Even so, my advice to everyone is that it's a good practice to settle the total amount monthly. Credit cards are meant to make our living easier, but not to be abused with over-indulging ourselves with things we cannot afford. Make sure you get the true cost of balance transfer before switching your cards. Read between the lines and those fine prints!

If you are unsure, check out this card guide, where you can find all sorts of credit card articles which may help you decide which card is the best for you.

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AceOne118 said...

I dun need a credit card. I need a sponsor! hahaha

Sweetpea said...

go find one sugar mama... am sure lots in KL...all the datins datins :P