Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What I've done to my Sidebar

In case you haven't noticed.

I've added a Cbox, so everyone, start shouting!

Also my new link MMs Abroad means Malaysian Mums Abroad, thanks to 4Fs Anna I got the idea from her. I don't really know many mums abroad, but would love to read about their stories of life. So if anyone here happens to know anyone out there, do let me know, and also anyone whom I haven't linked up, please do let me know.

And will appreciate if you can do the same :)

Thank you, thank you. Muuahh, muaahh, mmuaahh! *Curtain call*

and psst! Just to show off my so-called culinary skill and hopefully to make AceOne118 drool, the finishing product of what I cooked yesterday...

1 comment:

AceOne118 said...

Muahahaha! I'm hungry you know!! Drooling until saliva all over liao.