Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I have missed so many Chinese New Years, Mother's Days, these days, those days. I have been away from Malaysia for about 7 years now.

As mother's day draws near, I remember treating her to meals and Lo Hong Kar, the bird's nest shop at Jusco, only for her to comment 'Where the yin wor? Bei si (nose grot) also cannot see.' Hahaha, true you know. Maybe they are more generous now, I hope.

I grew up fearing this strong and tough woman. I kena the rotan more than anyone else in the family, just because I am the 'dai guai tau', being the oldest among the kids, all whom are my nieces and nephews. I grew up with them instead of my sisters and brother. And yes, whatever the situation, whoever cried, I was to be blamed.

My dad had suffered a stroke ever since I was a baby, and it was my mum who took over the family business, and brought him all over Malaysia and China to find a better doctor. Anyway, dad has since passed on many years now, after the stroke accompanied him for more than 20 years.

She's one tough and VERY fierce lady. Make her yell, scream or shout. She's got the lungs of the great healthy lion. You'll be able to hear her down the street. Yet the more I was 'locked up' within the comforts of the house and suburb, the more I was fascinated with the outside world.

My young-er years were exciting ones. I studied with the clever ones, had teenage-years' funs with the goody-goody ones, the foul-mouthed ones. The first ever day I ponteng sekolah (played truant) I was caught. My mum knew a LOT of people in Ipoh, and naturally they knew her monkey daughter (ME) too. I was spotted by one of them, and even before I reached home, she got the news. I was made to kneel in front of the 'Dey Jue Goong' (Deity of Earth?) the whole evening.

I drove a car into the drain when I was 12. Well, yeah, another round in front of the 'Dey Jue Goong.' No, I wasn't hurt at all, thanks for asking. My brain then was even thinking of how on earth was I going to get out of this rut. Errmm.. call the tow truck to tow the car back into it's position, and tell my mum that another car banged into it? Hhahahaaaaa.... great imagination, eh? No, I didn't think about the money I had to pay them, though :P Our neighbour saw the car in front of the drain and called Mum immediately. One, of course she was pissed. Second, she was doubly pissed when she had to be called away from her mahjong table.

Why did I drive the car? See, I only wanted to have a feel lar. Wanted to experience how to start it. I saw everyone driving easy-peasy only. Then hor, the parked car was positioned in first gear worrr...

Then when I was a young lady, PARTY BOX was THE place to go in Ipoh. Booze, smoke, pukes, drunk, never got home. Good crowds, bad crowds, you name it all. I knew them.

Yet, while I was having fun, SHE was always at the back of my mind. Not about the advices she gave, not about being worried that she was worried for me. It was her face that I was picturing in my mind, fierce, black, angry, and the voice of rupturing thunder. *Shivers* I would still not go home till the next morning, or evening, and faced the music, and the facial art. Muuaahahaha.
Fast forward to this date, I am grateful for this fear for her, I am where I am today. I comtemplated taking the wrong path, I was too drawn into and mesmerized by the lifestyle of those who only partied at nights and not doing anything much during the days. I could have just walked away from home and be someone else today.

I made a lot of mistakes, and yet right this second I have her to thank for. She didn't know what I had done, well... some, and she doesn't need to know it now, but with her fierce image ingrained in me, it kept my on my toes, I managed to think sensibly, and headed for the opposite direction. Here.

So, thanks mum. Being your daughter was not easy, but I am sure you had the worst behaved child in the family.

Happy Mother's Day and many more to come! Wait till I get home, Lo Hong Kar yin wor triple dose. Am sure you will see it this time :)


Peng said...

cheh wah .....

AceOne118 said...

Happy Mother's Day! Man sui!!

wHOisBaBy said...

when reading this, i feel i was the one who wrote it. my mom was very fierce too. and becos of her way of teaching us the children, i end up being who i am today. i wish she is still here today but she has passed on ... wow ... about 8 years ago already.

happy mother's day to you and your mum.

btw, i tagged you. so go check it out.

Vien said...

This is one funny Mother's Day post. LOL! Wei, you becareful wor..what goes around comes around..hehehe..

shooi said...

You gotta give yoursef a pat for being able to see the "goodness" in your mother's action.

You must be really proud of your mother and I am sure she is of you too!

huisia said...

when you back to M'sia?
i am sure your mother will be very happy upon seeing you :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Sweet :) You drove a car when you were 12?????? Tsk tsk tsk...must have kena really bad from your mum. Party box?? where is that eh?? I thought Yik Foong is your fav place?? hahahahahah

G said...

Hi :) Good post. I see, u're a "been there done that" mommy :D Yr mom's an awesome person indeed.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

WoooooW! Looks like someone's been veeeeery naughty back then! Hahaha!! You tried to drive a car at the age of 12??!!

Amazing! If my mom found out about this (that is if I ever did touch her ar), she would slaughter me!


Well mom can be a big nag in our lives but they always want the best out of us. It's an instinct that all women can never avoid!

The motherly love...

Sweetpea said...

WP - chewah :P

aceone - u belanja all us moms lou hong kar can? kkkakaaakakaa!

whoisbaby - she's still one mighty old lady. u also must be very naughty back then :P

vien - that's what my mum said exactly! but at least i know the tricks. muahhahahaa!

shooi - i wasn't then! but i am now :)

huisia - i'll be back again this nov :)

mum2chumsy - yik foong school time. party box in ipoh garden sth leh.. that was many years later.

g - she can nagnag and scold a lot, buy yeah, she is :)

nastasshea - geng leh? many more 'secrets' u donno :P