Monday, May 07, 2007

Why can't I just go to bed??!!

It's around midnight, done my posts, done my paid post, done my kay-poh bloghopping, although not all, ate my hubby's Snickers, which we got it free from the previous Snickers I ate last night, with the wrapper stating we won a free bar.

So today we went to Safeway and got the freebar, which is halfway digesting in my tummy now, and the teller didn't even collect the wrapper from us. So tomorrow am gonna go to 7-Eleven to get another free bar. This time hubby better take it to work.

So, yeah, 1.30am and still doesn't want to go look for Mr. Chow. (sleep) By now, Aidan has already came out three times but not asking to go to toilet. I gave him a sip of water and he went back to bed willingly. I've checked for temperature and he doesn't seem like he's had a bad dream or anything. Pretty unusual for him not sleeping through. I hope he's not feeling unwell.

Jin guat tau. Then morning doesn't want to get up. Aidan's got preschool at 9am tomorrow. I'll wake up at 8.10am and then gabrah through the next half hour, hurrying him to finish his breakfast and me scalding my throat with my first cup of coffee. Typical.

Yakkity yakkity yak yak yak....... am out of words. Oh, if you're free check out my other blog. Some say it's a cute-r blog, probably it's ad free and paid-posts free. And it will remain that way. A lot still doesn't know about it yet although I put it right under my header. See there? 'Essentially Aidan'?

By the way, can someone teach me how the yummylicious apples I can change those flickr pics to my own pics? I donno how to fiddle with the cabbage widgets.

*those Italic greens* - swear substitutes.......... sigh..............


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Can't sleep? Must be all the sugar from that Snikers bar! Hehehe!!

Oh I hope he's not sick too... maybe one of those days when he just couldn't sleep. Bound to happen!

Sweetpea said...

hah! those things wont' affect me, believe me. it's just that i don't want to go to bed at night and don't want to get up in the morning :P and aidan has a little cough, but otherwise fine. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi dear.. u have a tag from me.