Sunday, May 06, 2007

An afternoon at Victoria Market

It feels nice knowing not having to work this evening and I can spend the day further away from home without a worry.

We went to Victoria Market and as you can see, the weather was good today, although a little chilly at times, depending if you are standing in the sun, or in the shade. Yes, it makes lots of difference. That's why Aidan has his long sleeve T on and off in the pics.

Wilkin's favourite lunch at VM, the hotdog. Not any hotdogs, you have to have it with sauerkraut. And the sausage is HUGE. I only wanted to take a pic of him and Aidan having lunch, and he said I have to take the pic of the food as well. Waah... a pleasant surprise for me for the suggestion. Do forgive the sight of that one bite off the sausage.

I love the live bands there. On any given day, without a child tagging along, it's nice to have a cuppa and sit there under the sun, enjoying the music. Not many pics taken. Here are a good few.

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