Sunday, May 06, 2007

Orlando Vacation on my list

I must say this website will definitely be on my vacation list after taking a good look at it.

We all know a lot of sites do offer the standard things. Discounts on accomodation, theme park tickets, great packages, low rates, the lot. You know what I mean.

Orlando vacation rentals do offer what I just mentioned, but what caught my eyes in their site is their accomodation service. Travelling as a family, not only do we need good space and comfort, budget is another main reason why we shop around to find the perfect stay. I must say I am very impressed with their rental homes and condos, the places look great and comfortable, and the price very, very attractive.

There are even private pools in some homes. My main focus is the kitchen. Being able to cook simple meals and not have to eat out everyday sounds so perfect. Kids can run freely around the homes and unlike the hotels, I like the privacy.

And with 52 theme parks in Orlando itself, you will forget the meaning of 'BOREDOM'. So, if you like what I like, check out the site for essential reading on how to save on your trip, plus calender of events on when is the best time to get the utmost fun.

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