Thursday, May 17, 2007

Winter getaway to Hawaii

After some depressing moments here it's good to be able to get away from it all and clear our minds for a while, in addition to the approaching winter, which I do not quite like.

Hawaiian vacations are great options. Sun, beach, palm trees, snorkelling, paradise... I love nature! And it's good to know that although Maui is tourism-based, the environment has been protected to maintain the natural wonders of beautiful coasts, the incredible flora and fauna. Even the hotels built here are sensitive to "aina" or 'the spirit of land' and they are built with minimal possible impact on their precious land and wildlife.

At Hawaiian Beach Rentals, they offer thousands of vacation rentals, from the most affordable to spoiling myself silly. They can help arrange the flight, car rental, accomodation and fun-filled activities such as boating, snorkelling and luaus, sightseeing or even the museums, if I like. I've checked out their site, and boy! Do they have options for my budget, to the downright indulgingly expensive homes. I have my mind set on Kauai and I love the idea of vacation rental homes as it is a family holiday, where everyone can relax and have a great time. Aidan will love the beach, and I can cook up some meals without us having to get all dressed up and leave the villa.

I'll say this is a great site for finding the perfect place, with plentiful information on weather, Hawaii News and sites. Their travel blog is great info place for first time visitor like me.

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AceOne118 said...

I like to see the hawaian girls twist and turn thier waist and also they covered their nen nen with coconut shell! wakakaka! chun! sedap!

Sweetpea said...

i'll be wearing that too! wanna come along? kakakaakakaa!!