Thursday, May 17, 2007

I where got fansee

Samm tagged me because I am her fansee. 5XMom tagged ALL bloggers that read her blog. So I consider myself double-tagged.

Then again, the title 'Who's my fansee?' doesn't really suit me. Coz I consider all that visit my blog repeatedly great blogofriends, whom we give each other the sapot and entertainment. So can I consider them as fansees or not? If I list only 5, then the others may say 'Wei, then I am not your fansee meh? Okay loh, then from now onwards I sabo your blog. Don't want to visit anymore, hmph.'

Then how? Sei lor... thousand apologies also no help. So, no fansees for me. But as I am going with a tag, I've gotta list 5, so I wanna thank these 5 that frequent my blog the most:

AceOne118 - Lei hai tak geh! He never fails to leave comments no matter how wuliao my posts are. Sek sai lei!!
IMMomsdaughter - sweet sweet lady who says she reads the feed reader when I complained she doesn't visit my blog :P
Janice - this funny preggy soon-to-be mum provides fun reading material. You go look at her sidebar under 'Ah Jan Jee Chorng' I tell you Aidan never fails to say 'Meemee' (I donno why) and DO THE SAME!! He loves all the cute baby disney characters, and especially LURVE the sexy gal.... ' Jeje shame shame!'
Nastasshea - spunky gal who likes visiting ahsor blogs like mine :) When u free to beautify my blog? Hehehe.
Baby Fiona - donno what she really does but I guess she likes fried sotong very muchee :P

So there. Others not featured also I wanna thank a lot. Plus more of the others who read but doesn't have a blog.

These featured bloggers, please carry on the tag, but I know some may not like to do it. Yinsi, amacham??


AceOne118 said...

Woah! me listed in your fansee list ka? wakakaka! Manyak tenkiu you la. hehehe

Errr..carry on this tag ar? I pass the baton to either Leng lui Nestasshea or leng lui babyfiona la. Both of them terrer do wan.

Sweetpea said...

yalor, manyak tenkiu you also lor. u plomis visit everyday arr! exception approved when you to thai cock :P

janicepa said...

ahaha.. like u lor, i where got fansee.. but ok la i will do for u la...

Sweetpea said...

u got one... i see a lot at your sidebar one :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Yes, I am your fansi but I got no fansi malu wanna buat this tag but for my idol, I'll do itlah...ha ha

Sweetpea said...

wei.. so u r saying i don't read your blog enough lar. u wait, i spam your comments then u don't complain :P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

It's true!! I'm ur fan!! Hehee! Spunky gal your fansee!!!

Okay! When I free enoughI build a template just for u! See u like or not.. heheh!! Maybe over weekend lah! I love desiging!

Oh yar the song is sooooooooooooo cute!!!! The little child sing so cute lah! Wei get ur son to sing this song lah. Record it and place in ur blog. Everytime ppl visit can hear ur son;s sweet voice. Hehehe!!