Thursday, May 17, 2007

First ever online 'Seduce a Celeb' is the first the I've seen, that allows online audience to participate in the running of winning a date with the beautiful celebrity Mirelly Taylor.

The actress has appeared in movies like 'Kiss Me Again' and 'Serving Sara', including television shows such as 'Las Vegas', one of my favourites :) 'Punk'd' and 'Numb3rs', another fave of mine. What happens here is that contestants, the online audience, submit their videos according to Mirelly's 3 specific calls-to-actions, then keep their fingers crossed till Mirelly picks that lucky guy. The more videos, the higher chance they will get.

I've watched the contestants video, and boy! Some are really cheesy and corny. Makes me squirm in my seat. Heh. Some are cute, then there are just funny, and downright hilarious! Free videos at so click on and watch these guys! Here's one I find kinda yucky for making a fool of himself, yet at the same time, he's funny. Even his cat was trying to ignore him! Poor kitty, thinking her master, well I think he is, has gone bonkers. *Shivers*

GoFish users can enter this contest for free, and I think it's a great contest, for the guys at least, to score a date with a sexy woman, to have a dinner at a funky Hollywood restaurant, all paid round trip flight to Hollywood, stay at the famous Chateau Marmont, famous for celebs getting romantic.

And like Andrew Firestone says 'This is LA, anything can happen.'


AceOne118 said...

Aiya! why you didn't upload my video geh? I oledi submitted in ler! Wakakaka. I wan to date this hot and sexy Mirelly Taylor.

Sweetpea said...

yau mou? u gimme link i upload straightaway!