Monday, June 04, 2007

Aidan drove us nuts!

Funny how one same child can be so pleasant yesterday and turned his parents' hairstyle into Einstein-look-alike today.

Wanna know how? I got it posted up in my other blog. You'll be amazed how little kids actually know how to manipulate the adults and pull at their heart-strings, or in this matter, on our nerves today.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed or a better tomorrow. Sigh... this little devil of mine... I wonder if Brauer's Calm tonic can help. I'd better get a bottle and keep it at home for emergencies like this. I believe in homeopathy and natural medicines so I am willing to give this a try. For myself, I will need Bach Rescue Remedy. No lar! Don't have to scroll down to read my labels, not a paid post :P

On a lighter note, I've been fully paid by Bloggerwave. So those who haven't got paid yet, I think you ought not to worry, they'll be sending out their payments soon. This money I got, will be going to a bottle of hair colour to cover my ever increasing grays!! Thanks to my precious little bub.

Meantime... koonite!


jazzmint said...

hehe sugar overdose :P

pearly said...

hi dear:
Aidan is a angel , as you know that is normal, kids love mum or dad pay antation to them anyway , he is only 3 years old my 10 and 11 and 12 , still behave more worst then Aidan.
never mind lor tomoro he will as sweet as honey .
cheer xxxxxxxxxxx

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--sounds like quite a day. I've found that (amongst other things) not enough sleep can be disruptive to little ones.

They have up and down days just like we do (smile).

Let us know how tomorrow is!

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - not sugar. the MSG! i know it is! hahaha

pearly - yea i know, still, we can't help feeling frustrated at times

TNP - it WAS quite a day. today, so far so good :P at least he's not a jumping bean on hot wok...yet

AceOne118 said...

May I ask Bloggerwave takes how long make payments? 1-3 months?

khai khee said...

oopps, what a day.. but when he grows up, i m sure u will be wishing there will be more times like tis..

btw, i got paid by bloggerwave too a few days ago but before i wrote to them telling them it's overdue..

Sweetpea said...

yinsi - my first post with them was on april 11th.. u say leh?

KK - there will be lots of things i wish for more, but THIS, is not one of them :P
oh great! so we all get paid :)

Lovely Mummy said...

I got paid too recently from Bloggerware, it take so long to receive payment. I wrote their posts early in april...i thought to delete the posts...luckily not...

Sweetpea said...

i forgot the time i posted it leh.. come to think of it, i never keep track of my PPP payments. donno if they have short paid me or not :P