Friday, June 08, 2007

Another lousy and lazy cooking

Wilkin will fry his own steak.

Meanwhile, Aidan can have this with rice, that's it. Perhaps a portion of fried eggs too.

Soup : Pork bones, chokos, carrots and mushrooms. Can add 'yew chue' (dried scallops?) but I've ran out.

This is my dinner at work too. I'd better cut down on my junks. And lately I've been addicted to the strawberry liqourice. Not a good news to my waistline definitely.

Happy weekend all.....!!


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

It looks nice and simple!! Yumm yumm!! Just add some black pepper and glass noodle I'll gobble up eveyrthing for you!!!


Sweetpea said...

haha...sorry, my hubby gobble all up already :P

AceOne118 said...

wakaka! drool again!!

Sweetpea said...

aiii!! u very hungry meh? everything u also drool? :P roti canai in KL lagi yummy?? i know lerr.. u lack of 'oi sum charn' - meals of love... wakkakakaa!! u get married fast fast!