Friday, June 08, 2007

The World of Golf

Isn't it great to be Mrs.-Know-All?

Especially when people ask me anything, I can practically find all the answers in the wonderful world wide web.

A friend of mine who doesn't like using the internet asked me where she can get search for a particular brand for a putter, for her golf-loving husband. I told her to come over to my place and I helped her surf the net, and we found The World of Golf.

Golf Equipment, everything from apparel to shoes, from every brand known can be found at this website. I was particularly interested in the rangefinders, I thought they look really cool and Sue did too, as she knew that her hubby definitely didn't have one of these. If she is still too confused of what to get, there's always a gift card option. Problems solved!

I have secretly ordered a Sportbaby Pre-School Golf Instructional DVD for their son, and am pretty sure her hubby will love me for it. Golf lovers, check the site out at, as they have very useful information on airline golf bag regulations and golf links too.
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