Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cupcakes anyone?

Today we made cupcakes :)

Obviously he was loving the chocolate icing more than anything else, and refused to eat the edible papers of Thomas and friends.

Fun day, but messy day... but what the heck, we enjoyed ourselves :)

And see Aidan's way of getting me to go to the toilet with him at my other blog

*psst, any friend who wants to view the post please email for password :) thanks


AceOne118 said...

Aiseyman! Make me drool oni!

jazzmint said...

wah yummy

Simple American said...

It does make for a fun day. Now my kids will do it all on their own if they get the mood.

PEARLY said...

hi dear
having lot of fun can see you and the little angel , wow you are reaaly cool mum , I never allow my kids to bake in my kitchen cos I am so worry there will make mess, now steph is older she will clear up the mess only allow to enter my kitchen.oh my god aidan also love thomen the tank , oliver love it he had got everything with it, when he is a baby he never spoke util he nearly 5 years old , the only word he will say is thomes and he remeber all those tank everyone you just say the no he will show you which is which. if you wan to get any thomes the tank let me know I can send it over to you xxxxx

Peng said...

cheh wah! future pastry chef wor :)

janicepa said...

aiyo.. sweet .. no password how to see lah .. aiyo.. plss... pretty pls...

Sweetpea said...

yinsi - go buy some quick quick! aidan can make for you :)

jazzmint - great bonding time with kids :)

SA - hint for them to make one on father's day :P

pearly - thanks for the offer, but aidan is not THAT 'loyal'. he hops from one toy to another, although so far he's still into Thomas. Send it here?! Wow, postage not cheap, thanks for the kind thoughts though.

WP - we go back to ipoh buy you some, haha, cannot bake, no oven :)

Annie Q said... little helper to help.;)
The cupcakes look great!!
Like ur banner!

Sweetpea said...

janice - got already noh??

annie q - tastes not too bad too :P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Oh My Gosh the cupcakes looks SO GOOD!!! Can sell lah!! Yumm yumm!!!!

khai khee said...

yum yum, looks delicious..and the way ur aidan licks his fingers.. yummy..

Sweetpea said...

nesh - cannot sell one. coz i buy the premix packs.. haha!

KK - it's not bad, considering premix packs, some tastes awful. but the icing, all he licked up liao!