Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blogged out

Yes, for the first time in months, I feel that I need a good EARLY night's sleep.

I bet you all the money I have my hubby will be VERY surprised. I am sleepy, my mind is, my head his, my body is.

So good early night everyone. It's 5 minutes to 11pm....

Or should I watch Pirates of the Carribean arr?? Captain Jack Sparrow has been patiently waiting for me for many moons liao... and I am talking about the Dead Men's Chest! Not even the new one!

Let you know :P


LiL'deviL said...

I usually watch dvd when Ethan is awake and playing. No, can't really concentrate when he's bringing books to me the whole time asking me to read to him. Sometimes I have to watch another round when he's asleep to catch the parts I missed, mostly the whole movie again...kekeke..

U.Lee said...

G'day Sweetpea. How you doing? I took a bus from Pearly's blog check out who is "Sweetpea", the callsign sounds very interesting. I have heard of 'pumkin, honeybun, hotpot, siew pau,' etc, but got curious asked Pearly. She said "Sweetpea a real beautiful, sexy mom'.
Ahhh, being an old kay poh chiak pah siaw eng guy, read the word "sexy" like hearing 'fish head curry', mesti check out, I come here.
Wa...didn't guess you way down below, and I am way up....12 times zones away.
I like your blog and postings.
Anyway, you have a nice day, Sweetpea or as you Aussies will say, "g'day mate'. UL.
ps, my dream is to visit Australia one day, take the train go around whole Australia, go deep sea fishing at Cairns and to visit Alice Springs. I read the book, "a town like Alice", a love story during the 2WW in Malaya, read it many times, still have the book now, so I tell myself, one day will pop over to AS.
And oh ya, love to see the Opal mines too. I have a lot of relatives in Australia I have not seen nor heard 40 years. G'day.

Shireen K said...

get some rest..u'd be alive and kicking the next day..

really. i shit you not.

Shireen K said...

u need the rest. Take it and come back full force.

hehehehe drop jack sparrow.. :)

AceOne118 said...

For once I can catch up reading your blog!!! hehehe

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
have a sweet dream .

gud night and have a nice morning xxx


Sweetpea said...

lil'devil - that's why lar, i cannot watch when he's awake!

U.Lee - thanks for visiting,hope you'll drop by more often and 'no worries mate' :) u come to aust for a visit and try out some of our best food here :)

shireen - i think i'm a die-hard pc lover already :P can't live without it!

pearly - well at least for that sunday morning i woke up early for once! :)