Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ohh... my hero!

True to my words, I didn't blog last night.

But I didn't go to bed early either. I watched Dead Men's Chest :)

My hero, my lum lum, my pirate Jack Sparrow. I have to watch At World's End next weekend, and I'll watch it with lou kong this time. Late night movie for the both of us. Hhaha... have to get some supper ready and get the 'pakto' going on...

For all those who commented on my last post, thanks for the concern. I did sleep a little earlier, and woke up to Dada scolding Aidan for not wanting to put a jacket on. It was FREEZING this morning! Needless to say, he climbed into the bed with me asking for some comfort, which I ignored. Can't let him think it's okay for him not to put a jacket on, can I?

And Yinsi, if you read my blog everyday you won't have a problem catching up lar!


babyfiona said...

hahaha, i love your life! woking up to dada scolding your son.

Hope next time i can wake up after my hub ;p

AceOne118 said...

Didn't blog last nite and went to bed earlier nothing happened meh? Aidan need a little brader to play with him you know!! kekeke

Sweetpea said...

wilkin has always been an early riser. i'm the lazy one :P

aceone - if want to make baby, no need to sleep early wan. anytime can also make wat, haiyah!