Monday, June 25, 2007

I wish I am the one with stuffy nose

Right now I can actually hear Aidan breathing hard and difficult in his room. Pretty much like snoring.

It is happening again. I wish I can take it all for him, poor little darling.

It all started in summer, earlier this year when I noticed he's got the stuffy nose and sneezing. It was a cold I was sure, so I brought him to a doctor and he had a skin test for allergies done, and the conclusion? His nose didn't quite like the pollens much.

I had to put him on Claratyne syrup for a week or so and he seemed fine. This preparation can be used for weeks, but being me, I didn't want to give him anymore medication than necessary. He has got other alternatives, such as Fess (they don't call it Fess for nothing. Seems it means F***ing Expensive Saline Solution!) or Otrivin Junior Spray when his nose is really badly blocked. The Otrivin Spray is not to be used long term, and can be used only for a maximum of 3 consecutive days and stop.

This preparation can cause 'rebound congestion' meaning your nose can be blocked as long as you are using it. It may also thins out and damage the lining of nose and may cause nose-bleeding. Same goes with any preparations of Oxymetazoline Hydrochoride. These are vaso-constrictors that acts to reduce the swelling of the nasal membranes.

Anyway, back to Aidan, yes, now he is having this problem again. I will start giving him Claratyne for a week and see how it goes. He seems fine during the day, but hearing him breathing in such a way when he is asleep really breaks my heart. And many people seems a bit surprised to hear that an allergy can actually occur in the middle of winter. They seem to relate everything to pollen.

In this case, it's the dust at home. I cannot help it. During these months we have to switch our gas column heater on. And really, I hate doing this because there will be dust everywhere I can see them clearly covering the floor when the sun shines at a certain angle. Do not ask where it came from for I do not know. All I know is that it's more work for me. Even the venetian blinds look disgusting with the thousands of sprinkles of these irritating particles stuck to them.

And if I have the money,Dyson will be my next new toy.

I don't have a problem with my nose. Wilkin doesn't seem to have any problem with his either. So how did Aidan get it arr??!

Disclaimer: This information is not to be used as medical advice or substituted for treatment by your health care provider.


PEARLY said...

hi darling :

my oliver having the same problem too , dust does cost lot of problem , I advise you the best is get a dyson , for the pain now it keep for year , I have one for 8 years may be more when I move in to my house now, last year it broken I had to get another one cos of oliver suffer so bad astma I got to make sure no dust around in his room and around .
it cost a little expensive to start with but it last long .
for the alittle angel , you can feel the after job done the whole house feel so clear .

don't wait for it get it ,so you can't go shopping for a mouths , ekekekkekkeek.
have a lovely sunday xxx

huisia said...

jo has the problem as well, so most of the time i can't turn on my air-cond..

Sweetpea said...

pearly, ya i know dyson is really good. and it's a great idea, no shopping for months! but i don't have the extras now, being saving for the trip back as well as aidan's condition has taken up a lot of our spare cash. also, i just got a new one. hubby will tear the roof off! hahaaha

huisia - oh gee, that's bad huh? have you considered a humidifier? i think it's quite a good investment too. well, at least i don't need an air-cond. now!! :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

hi hi... got your swing by note... am responding to you too! :-)

AceOne118 said...

This time da da got nag anot? kakaka

eastcoastlife said...

Funny, my son also has the same problem when both hubby and I don't.

It's been like this for years. He's 15 now, still no sign of getting better leh. Hope it doesn't happen to his kids.

miche said...

i tagged u. :P

Sweetpea said...

NKOTB - thanks for peeking!

aceone - u mean new toy? if benefit his son, sure no nag one!

ECL - funny isn't it? your son may need a surgery done to be better.

miche - righto!!